Boat manufacturer Badger is proud to present their catalogue of personally designed rowing and motor boats for fishing, hunting and active recreation along with a wide range of accessories to customise your boat. The site offers detailed information about the patented technical solutions used in all Badger's models and the locations of dealers who stock their boats. You can also read the test drive results of Badger boats, select a model by your required specifications and find inflatable boat add-ons.

The minimal transportation size and assembly options of fishing boats with a hard deck or inflatable Air Deck give recreation on the water the maximum of comfort. Their inexpensive boats with a classic design boast a spacious cockpit which is comfortable for fishing and travelling.
The rowing models and inflatable motor boats with a camouflaged or olive-coloured hull come equipped with various accessories designed specifically for use by hunters. This makes these inflatables practically invisible when in vegetation and can even be used as camouflaged cover for duck hunting.
These inflatable boats were developed for water sports and high-speed boating. For example, the inflatable catamarans have exceptional performance and their power-to-weight ratio of 200hp / tonne allows the boat to achieve speeds in excess of 90km/h.
The inflatable boats with a motor designed specifically for use at sea on rough water are equipped with a reinforced hull and double-section inflatable keel. The v-shaped bottom produces a smooth ride through waves and lessens the chance of water splashing into the cockpit.
These small rowing boats, designed for use on small bodies of water, don’t take up much trunk space and thanks to the Roll-Up floor their assembly time is as short as possible. This line of inflatable boat can be fitted with either an electric or gas motor up to 3.5hp in power.
These lightweight boats are fitted with a high-pressure Air Deck inflatable floor or a low pressure floor perfectly combine excellent performance with capacity and portability. If you need the set-up (and pack-up) time to be less than 15-20 minutes, then a boat with an inflatable deck will be the ideal choice.

Boat Length, m
Boat Weight, kg
Tube Diameter, cm
Outboard Max HP
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